Management Consulting

Dr. Lukas Grüner, 45 years and Austrian nationality but most of the year in Africa, CEO of Act Innovative GmbH has over 20 years of professional work experience across various positions and industries, thereof notably (in chronological sequence):

  • Doctoral degree in economics, master and bachelor degree in information science & business
  • 5 years as IT Strategy Consultant in the CIO office of an international 40,000+ people production company, in addition serving as IT Manager for the global sales organization
  • 6 years as Management & Strategy Consultant at Accenture, with diverse projects in the areas of Information Strategy, Cost Cutting, Merger & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Governance, Project & Program Management, Organizational Transformation
  • 2 years as Finance Manager & Consultant for Energy Globe Foundation
  • 5 years as Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director of Solantis Solar, a Ugandan based solar home systems startup, responsible for on top over 50 employees
  • Since 2020, Dr. Lukas Grüner serves as an independent consultant for various international development funds and projects, mostly in the area of Renewable Energy & Financing

Areas of Expertise

Renewable Energy & Financing Consulting
Access over 10 years of practical experience in the renewable energy sector and financing with a professional management consulting expertise and get the expertise you need to make your project a success, with a special focus on the African market.
  • - Support of international investments, development funding, Due Diligence on companies in Africa
  • - Capacity building and matching of local companies to international financing
  • - Starting a new renewable energy project or need external expertise in this area in the African market?
General Management/Market Consulting Support
Are you an international company planning first steps in Uganda or East Africa? Do you operate in Uganda and need external expertise? Obtain local market expertise and the experience of over 20 years of consulting combined with hands-on-experience of building and scaling a company in East Africa. Dr. Grüner spends most of the year in Uganda and can assist your local implementation on the ground.
Cost Cutting and Sourcing
Analysis and optimization of your cost structures. Planning and detailing of realistic cost reduction measures including implementation planning and support. Analysis and support with your “Make-or-Buy” decision and support with tender processes.
Program and Project Management
Starting a new project? Having a project in a troublesome situation that requires turn-around or an external independent evaluation? Over 20 years of project and program management at your disposal including lead of a program management office of a multiple year 160 million Euro program.