Importing from Africa

Are you based in Austria, Germany or any other European country and already active in importing agricultural products from other parts of the world? Have you considered Africa, especially Uganda, as a possible source for any of these agricultural products, but shy away because of the risks of buying from sources with uncertain quality or reputation?

Dr. Grüner is mostly based in Uganda, Africa, and has access as an agent to a wide array of proven and reliable suppliers from both Uganda and abroad that can deliver in time and quality, thus eliminating your risk to buy from Africa. We only work with tested suppliers and can additionally follow up with them on the ground and make sure that they not only receive the money from your order but deliver the paid for goods according to specified quality and amount. In addition, Act Innovative works with Ms. Christine Grüner who is based in Vienna, Austria to ensure that you have a German, English and French speaking person in Europe available to discuss any of your needs locally and in person if needed.

Please find below a sample of available agricultural products, please reach out to us to inquire for prices or any other products you are looking for:

African Eggplant
Ginger (Dried or Fresh)
Passion Fruit
Sugar Cane
Raw Cashew Nuts
Cashew Kernels
Sesame Seeds
Tiger Nuts
Baobab Powder
Moringa Seeds
Moringa Leaves
Breadfruit Seeds
Hibiscus Sinensi Flowers (Leaves)

Products are mostly shipped CIF through airfreight to Vienna or any other airport in the European Union of your choice, unless otherwise sea freight is agreed and specified for larger deliveries.

Contact or call +256777181194 for inquiries (English and German).