Solar Systems

The solution for off-grid communities

Let‘s face the sad truth – there are many regions that will have to wait decades for the grid to come, and for some this will never happen. Where it finally becomes available, it is mostly very expensive with frequent power-outages for hours.

Solar systems, especially Solar Home Systems, have a unique price-performance ratio that beat costly grid access many times over. Modern systems require virtually no maintenance for years and thus have no recurring monthly expenses.

Forget about small portable laterns with a 1 Watt panel, that needs to be put out into the sun on a daily basis and only provide the lowest amount of energy. A Solar Home System with a solar panel of 50 Watt however fulfills all the energy needs of a typical household at only ~$0.5 a week over its lifetime and features multiple bright lights and operation of small electrical appliances (mobile phone charging, radio, electric fans, and even small TVs). Larger demands, i.e. for productive use and operation of stronger devices, can be fully satsified as well with stronger solar systems that start with 500 Watt upwards.

Act Innovative has a broad market overview and acts vendor independent, and can thus support you in the best possible way with the right products that the customers in your market will love.

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